Mandava Associates, established in 1986, is a Washington D.C. based scientific consulting firm that is well qualified to offer a diversity of services that are keyed towards the necessities of various industries. With specialized expertise and experience, our firm provides regulatory and technical consulting among other specialized services. Our associates are very experienced and have held senior management positions in the government and/or industry and understand the needs and goals of today's companies.

With over 100 years combined experience in product development, product approvals and regulatory services, our expertise is extensive and always current. We have a successful track record in handling registration applications and other submissions for approvals, authorizations, and marketing to regulatory authorities worldwide.
Our organization's general practice is to manage a specific problem by assembling a team consisting of expert associates who specialize in highly complex areas such as chemical regulation, pesticide registration, drugs and device development. We believe that many problems encountered today require a diversity of specialized knowledge which are best provided by a group of individuals. Mandava Associates is organized to facilitate a team approach to problem solving. Our firm provides flexible, responsive, dependable, and effective services and works attentively with a client until the problem is solved or the project is completed to the client's satisfaction.

Mandava Associates is affiliated through teaming agreements with various organizations and institutions to provide research, laboratory management, clinical trials, and international regulatory services.


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