Comprehensive Regulatory Consulting
Pesticides/Agricultural Chemicals
Commercial Chemicals
Food Additives and Dietary Supplements
Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical, Biological and Biotechnology Products
Veterinary Drugs

Mandava Associates is committed to problem resolution and strategic design, and to providing its clients with reasonable approaches to scientific, regulatory and clinical issues in the most cost effective manner. Mandava Associates through its global infrastructure and dedicated project teams, has developed a worldwide commitment to quality and to delivering strategic solutions for product and market development. Several of our service areas include:

    Comprehensive Regulatory Consulting
    Litigation Support Services
    Environmental Evaluations and Studies
    Health and Environmental Safety Evaluations
    Ecological, Fish and Wildlife Studies and Evaluations
    Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services
    Natural Resource Management Support Services
    Biomedical Services
      Pharmaceutical, Biological and Biotechnology Products
      Medical Devices
      Veterinary Drugs
    Risk Assessment, Analysis, and Management
    Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Safety Evaluation Programs
    Chemical Information Communication Programs
    Regulatory Training Programs
    New Product Development and Market Analysis
    Expert Reports for European Union and Other International Countries
    Occupational Safety and Health Services
    Consumer and Product Safety, Compliance, and Trade Services
    Import and Export Regulations and Issues
    Program and Project Management, Scientific and Technical Support Services


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