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Mandava Associates offers a unique global strategic product development service to various industries that deal with chemicals, food products, biologics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical device products.

Mandava Associates offers a complete range of services which include highly important strategic regulatory business planning. Mandava Associates maintains global strategic alliances to help service our clients globally, and provides a variety of services tailored to fit each individual client. The array of services encompasses regulatory product submissions/dossiers for product approvals; planning, administration, analysis, and management of clinical and non-clinical research; quality systems (GMP/ISO) audit, analysis and design; design assurance and control; preproduction technology transfer and validation; compliance crisis management, and consent decree requirements; and training programs for both regulatory and quality systems.

We provide customized development solutions that are designed to lead to early proof of concept, efficient registration and ideal positioning for rapid market uptake, thus maximizing the value of your product.

For each project Mandava Associates will provide a team of personnel led by one of our senior associates, and implemented based upon your project requirements. Each team is tailored to complement your internal resources to give maximum productivity without duplication of effort. The use of our extended network of associates gives you rapid access to expertise, technologies and facilities that best fit your particular program.




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