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Mandava Associates has a strong commitment to the environment, reliable science, human and veterinary health, and to risk management. Our mission is to develop scientifically sound approaches to environmental assessment, regulatory compliance and product development. Our goal is to always deliver services which uniquely fit the clients' needs.


Mandava Associates is committed to serving the needs of our clients based on our guiding values and principles:

Customer Service: Every project is led by a dedicated senior associate providing years of experience in planning, project integration and problem solving.
Global Success: We are committed to expanding our services globally with our business model which is applicable to a wide range of product development.
Integrity: The assurance that services provided by Mandava Associates are based on accuracy and reliability and subject to our unbending ethics.
Insight: Analytical expertise focused on optimizing client satisfaction.
Innovation: Quality of being consistently on the cutting edge of industry trends, products and services, and technological advances that respond to client needs.
Performance: Providing cost effective solutions, efficient and customized services to meet the clients needs.
Quality: Maintaining rigorous compliance of services provided.




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