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Mandava Associates provides services to both small companies and large firms. This broad diversity of clientele allows us to be aware of the operational requirements, constraints, and special problems faced by a wide variety of firms. 

Our clients generally require very strict confidentiality and we therefore cannot divulge their names. As a result, most of our case experiences can only be described generically. In this type of work, the experience of the associates is really the most critical factor. As the summaries under our leadership team indicate, the experience base of Mandava Associates network is second to none. References are available on request.

Mandava Associates can assist you with a wide variety of needs related to product regulation, safety evaluation, product development, and product liability. We work both with you and for you to provide the best possible guidance and assistance through the maze of various regulations and risk management in the modern world. We work with your company personnel so that they can be assured that special problems are attended to thereby freeing them to attend to their normal day-to-day responsibilities. We also provide consultation and technical support to counsel in litigation arising from chemical-related activities.

Our network of regulatory and clinical advisors throughout the world ensures that not only the latest regulations, but also current attitudes and interpretations of the regulatory bodies are taken into account. Our unrivalled record of product approvals confirms the depth and magnitude of our expertise.

Mandava Associates can provide full service consulting services for complete product development. We have acquired several registered pesticide products for a host of companies through sound regulatory strategy. We have developed the manufacturing process for the active ingredient, developed the formulation for the end use products, and developed the necessary toxicity and chemistry data to meet registration standards. We have successfully brought products to the market; assisted in market penetration, cost analysis, and marketing of the products. We also assist clients in handling and transport of hazardous materials, chemical notifications for the product intermediates, data compensation issues, and reregistration of the active ingredients.

Our experience and expertise are expanding and we provide full service consulting and product development services to several industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device and food industry companies.

Several key factors for choosing Mandava Associates are experience, expertise, credibility, integrity, creativity, quality, timeliness, teamwork, personal relationships and competitive cost. We assure our clients in providing the most complete consulting services in the most cost effective manner.



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