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Mandava Associates provides assistance to small, medium, and large companies in dealing with FDA in accordance with the FDA guidelines for food additives and dietary supplements. Some of the services covered under this section include:

    FDA Food and Color Ingredients
      Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) Assessments
      Chemistry, toxicology and additive migration studies
      Color additive petitions
      Data development and strategy
      Dietary exposure and risk assessments and evaluations
      Dietary supplements
      Environmental Assessments
      Environmental Impact Statements
      Food additive indirect and direct petitions
      Food contact substances
      GRAS affirmations and petitions
      HACCP training, development, and implementation
      Health claims
      No objection and opinion letters
      Regulation interpretation
      Regulatory strategic planning
      Special meeting preparation and briefing package
      Threshold of regulation petitions
      Toxicity and safety assessments
      U.S. representation before FDA
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