Pesticides/Agricultural Chemicals
Commercial Chemicals
  State Laws
  International Regulatory Authorities
Food Additives and Dietary Supplements
Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical, Biological and Biotechnology Products
Veterinary Drugs

Mandava Associates has a successful track record with Commercial Chemicals and has helped a variety of clients both domestically and internationally in accordance with the various governmental agencies. Some of the services that are covered under this area but not limited to are:

        Inventory Corrections
        Inventory Updates
      Premanufacture Notices and Exemptions
        Low Volume
        Low Exposure and Release
        Test Market
        Risk and Exposure Assessment
      Consent Order and Negotiations
      Section IV Test Rule for Existing Chemicals
      Bona Fide Intent Submissions
      GLP/GMP Compliance
      High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program


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