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Mandava Associates has added clinical, scientific, and professional staff to its regulatory core staff to deliver integrated and effective planning and implementation from protocol design through post-market surveillance. Our new Phase II and III development program can offer a means of delivering high quality cost effective solutions specifically designed to address client needs. Mandava Associates works with their clients to determine the exact target and then design the studies to achieve the target in a cost efficient and timely manner. Our expanding services now combine global clinical capabilities with integrated solutions. Our clinical services can provide creative solutions to managing drug programs through various global investigator networks, and clinical sites.

The expanding services offered by Mandava Associates under Phase II and III development services with the following benefits are:

  Services based on quality, integrity and cost effectiveness
  Protocol design and validation
  Meeting with regulatory agencies and facilitation of the clinical trial

Management of all phases of clinical trials through a coordinated and integrated approach:

  Protocol creation
  Comprehensive Regulatory Assistance
  Management of clinical sites
  Management of clinical labs
  Clinical Monitoring
  Data Management
  Statistical Analysis

The following services are areas of importance that is stressed by Mandava Associates for Phase II-IV drug development programs include but not limited to are:

  Risk Assessment
  Safety Monitoring and Pharmacovigilence
  Optimization of clinical studies through our specialized network of physicians


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