Pesticides/ Agricultural Chemicals
  State Laws
  International Regulatory Authorities
Commercial Chemicals
Food Additives and Dietary Supplements
Medical Devices
Pharmaceutical, Biological and Biotechnology Products
Veterinary Drugs

Among the services that Mandava Associates offers its clients in dealing with USDA are:

Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Services

  Plant and Animal research that deal with basic and developmental aspects for increasing the efficiency and the quality of food and fiber by the application of innovative technologies including biotechnology.
  Expertise in the state-of-the-art technologies in pest and disease control for plants and animals.
  Provide professional services which include science and technology R&D, special studies and analysis, program development, and evaluation in agriculture, food and nutrition.

USDA Product Approvals for Meat and Poultry Establishments

      HACCP planning, training, development and implementation
      Chemistry, toxicology and microbiology
      Product certifications and assessments


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