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Mandava Associates provides assistance to clients in issues related to new chemical substances notifications under chemical control laws, not only in the U.S. (TSCA Inventory listings) but also in other countries, especially in:

      European Union

In European Union (EU) we assist clients in issues related to EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Substances) for existing chemicals and ELINCS (European List of Notified Chemical Substances) for new chemicals.

In Canada, chemicals are regulated under Canada Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and the regulated chemicals are listed in CEPA Environmental Registry which is divided into Domestic Substances List (DSL) and Non-domestic Substances List (NDSL). We assist clients in chemical notifications for inclusion in DSL and NDSL.

We also provide assistance to clients in chemical notifications in Japan, Korea and China.

Our services include developing test data for notification for compliance, research and consultations, and preparation of documentation for notification, among others.


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