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Mandava Associates has extensive experience on a global level in representing the industry for commercial chemicals in dealing with EPA under the EPA Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). This is a comprehensive service which includes regulatory strategy and planning, development and interpretation of technical data, and administrative interaction with relevant federal, state, and local regulatory agencies as well as international governing authorities. We offer several specialty service areas including:

    EPA TSCA Support, Guidance and Assistance
      Analytical Chemistry
      Bona fide intent notices
      CAS number identification and assignment
      Chemical nomenclature
      Compliance and enforcement
      Data evaluations and development
      Environmental and toxic release
      High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program
      Low exposure and release exemptions
      Low volume exemptions
      Notices of commencement
      Polymer exemptions
      Positive certification
      Premanufacture notices
      Regulation interpretation
      Remedial actions and violations
      Reporting and recordkeeping
      Research and development provisions
      Risk and exposure assessments
      Section 4 test programs
      Section 5(e) consent orders
      Significant New Use notices and rules
      Test marketing exemptions
      Task force and committee representation
      Toxic Release Inventory
      TSCA audits and inspections
      TSCA inventory searches
      U.S. representation before EPA
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